Our Inspection Packages

We offer three exclusive Home Inspection Packages that allow you to select the range of services you prefer, so you can have peace of mind about buying the home you love. Your report is printed and delivered at the time of the inspection, so there’s no waiting for results. You’ll also have online access to your report anytime.

Pre-Purchase Inspections for Buyers, an inspection will help you make an informed decision during the purchase process. It will also provide you the information you will need for any repairs or maintenance your new home may require. A professional home inspection will allow you to buy with confidence.

The professional home inspector visually examines the readily accessible systems and components of a home and operates those systems and components utilizing industry Standards of Practice. The client is encouraged to attend the entire inspection. Areas to be inspected include:

  • Exterior & Garage
  • Roof & Attic
  • Basement/Structure
  • Heating/Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • All Bathrooms and Fixtures
  • All Kitchen and Built-in Appliances
  • All Interior Living Spaces

We also inspect and operate:

  • Furnaces in Heating Season
  • Air Conditioning in Cooling Season
  • Plumbing Fixtures in Kitchens and Baths
  • Water Heaters
  • A Representative Sampling of Lights and Receptacles
  • A Representative Sampling of Windows and Doors
  • Built-in Appliances

Upon completion of the inspection, a computerized Inspection Report with digital pictures of defects is printed on site and presented in the Pillar To Post Inspection Report Binder, which also includes a seasonal maintenance checklist and a home file system for important papers/receipts.

Pre-Listing Inspection for Sellers, can detect previously unknown problems or potential upgrades that you wish to address prior to selling your home. Being aware of issues in advance will allow for disclosure of problems, which can result in smoother transactions for all parties.

New Construction Inspection

Completed during the construction process, this type of inspection is a visual examination of all accessible areas of a residential house by a qualified professional home inspector, which is designed to identify observed material defects in the major component groups. These inspections are performed in phases, with reports issued at the completion of each inspection phase. The client is encouraged to attend each phase of the inspection. Typically three phase inspections are performed:

  1. Footer/foundation/drainage inspection performed before the foundation hole is filled.
  2. Mechanical rough in inspection, and pre-drywall.
  3. Final phase is a home inspection that includes:
    Property & Site, Exterior & Garage, Roof & Attic, Basement/Structure, Heating/Cooling systems, Plumbing Systems, Electrical Systems, bathrooms and fixtures, kitchen and appliances, and all living spaces.

Upon completion of the inspection, a computerized Inspection Report with digital pictures of defects is printed on site, and inserted into the Pillar To Post inspection report binder.

Added Services

WETT Inspections for wood stove and wood burning fireplaces.

Wood Energy Technical Transfer Inc. is the governing body for woodstove and fireplace installations.

Insurers frequently require a basic “WETT” inspection to determine if the installation meets the current building and installation code requirements as a condition of insuring the home. This type of inspection can be done with or without a home inspection.

Radon Testing

Testing is performed using EPA protocol for home sellers and buyers. An E-perm monitor is placed in the home for a 48 hour minimum testing period by a certified NEHA-NRPP Radon Tester. A Sampling Report is issued with the radon levels found in the home or building for the sampling period.

Mold Screen Inspection and Sampling

This is an initial step to determining if a home has a mold problem. The Inspector will perform a visual examination of all accessible areas of the residential home which is designed to identify current or past moisture problems which may lead to mold contamination. The client is encouraged to attend the entire inspection. Air and/or surface samples will be collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis. Laboratory results are available quickly. If the report analysis reveals elevated mold readings the next step is a consultation with a Certified Industrial Hygienist for remediation.

Asbestos Sampling

The inspector will acquire samples of suspect materials such as heating pipe and duct insulation and vermiculite (attic insulation). Laboratory results are available fast, usually within two days. The client is provided a written report verifying the material composition. If the samples contain asbestos the next step is to consult with a qualified asbestos abatement contractor to have the material encapsulated or removed.

Septic System Inspections

These inspections can be performed for home buyers or sellers or home owners that need an independent evaluation of their system before or after a contractor has been called. Generally one of two types of inspections are performed; A flow test is done exposing the septic tank lids only and/or a weeping bed inspection involving minor excavations exposing components of the weeping bed.

UFFI Testing

The inspector with testing unit in the home where urea formaldehyde insulation is known or suspected to be installed. The tester must remain in the home for approximately two days when it is retrieved and submitted to an approved laboratory for analysis. The results indicate show the levels of formaldehyde in the home at the time of the testing. This is often required for health related reasons and often required by financiers to ensure the home is safe to live in.